Engineering Success Examples

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EIT Corporate Headquarters in Leesburg, Virginia

Medical Blood Chemistry Analyzer

Heading Off Obsolesence Challenge: This particular customer approached EIT 2.0 LLC with a legacy product being threatened by obsolete and end-of-life (EOL) components as well

Uniform Convective Heating for Sublimation Process

Faced with the challenge of transitioning a product from low to high-quantity production, one customer chose EIT for thermal management expertise.  The customer had an ink-sublimation process for printing graphics on their product which employed infrared (IR) lamps.  The IR sublimating was a slow, one-up process and did not lend itself well to high-quantity production.  They needed an enabling technology to turn their process around.

Wireless Traffic Controller System

In this instance, EIT was approached by a customer who had done the electrical engineering work on their traffic controller design in order to reduce networking costs, but didn’t know where to go from there.  How do they enclose and arrange the components in an efficient and robust way?  How do they make their idea into a reality while minimizing production costs?  They had a design, but they needed a product.