Applied Technology

The primary focus of EIT 2.0 LLC’s Engineering team is to support the engineering, design, manufacturing and test needs of our manufacturing customers.  EIT 2.0 LLC has a broadly experienced engineering staff available to assist with your product development challenges by augmenting your existing staff to relieve resource constraints as well as providing enhanced design capabilities. 

EIT 2.0 LLC offers real world, practical solutions for:

  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • Printed Circuit Board Layout
  • Mechanical Design and Thermal Analysis
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Testability (DFT)
  • Product Life Enhancement Through Cost Reduction and Obsolescence Resolution
  • Performance and Reliability Enhancement
  • Evaluation, Transition and Design for RoHS
  • Guidance on Regulatory/Agency Approvals
  • Design of Test Fixtures, Programs and Solutions for Manufacturing
  • Delivery of Product Documentation


Transitioning assemblies from the initial concept and design phase to the production phase often requires the building of prototypes. EIT 2.0 LLC’s Engineering Group works

EIT Corporate Headquarters in Leesburg, Virginia

Electronic Design Experience

EIT 2.0 LLC’s Electrical Engineering Design team has extensive experience with analog, digital, microprocessor, FPGA, DSP and optoelectronic designs and are thoroughly familiar with DFM and DFT requirements.  

PCB Layout

EIT 2.0 LLC provides physical Printed Circuit Board layout services for our customers.

Mechanical Engineering

EIT 2.0 LLC’s engineering capabilities don’t end with the electronics of your project.  Our mechanical engineers offer the electronics packaging and thermal management knowledge and experience that you need. EIT 2.0 LLC Mechanical Engineers utilize Solidworks.