Instrument Markets Software

EIT 2.0 LLC’s  UV PowerView Software III is used to transfer and analyze the data collected by EIT’s MAP (PowerMAP® II/LEDMap™) and PROFILER (LEDCure®, Power Puck® II and UviCure® Plus II) radiometers.

EIT 2.0 LLC Software Notes

  • Coordinate with your Company IT group before removing or installing any files
  • For all programs, download the software first, unzip it and run setup.exe as an administrator
  • “Puck” units must be a “Profiler” to work with PowerView III software.
  • “Profiler” enabled instruments will say “Profiler” in the first line of the display upon startup

Legacy Software: PowerView I, PowerView II, 3D Cure, Power Puck “Numerical Data” only software

EIT 2.0 LLC radiometers are designed to be durable/long lasting and often last longer than the life cycle on a computer operating system. EIT 2.0 LLC software that works with one of our legacy products may no longer work on a new operating system. Software posted in this section is no longer supported by EIT 2.0 LLC. There are no plans for updates or upgrades to the software in this section.

Legacy Software