LED Instruments

The spectral output from an UV LED source is narrow or monochromatic when compared to broadband (mercury) source.

Each of EIT 2.0 LLC’s L-Bands (L-365, L-385, L-395 and L-405) has an optic response and dynamic range optimized for LEDs.  Our patented Total Measured Optic Response in which ALL optics in the instrument are included in the instrument response result in better performance and repeatability;  unit-to-unit, run-to-run and source-to-source.

LED Band Responses


Features Brochure Manual Software Other Features LED Profiling Radiometer that provides UV and Temperature Profiles in addition to irradiance (W/cm2) & energy density (J/cm2) values 

LEDCure® Profiler

Single L-band with Irradiance & Energy Density values displayed plus transfer of the Irradiance Profile to UV PowerView® III


Single L-Band instrument with irradiance (W/cm2) & energy density (J/cm2) values on the display