Wireless Traffic Controller System

Full Productization


In this instance, EIT 2.0 LLC was approached by a customer who had done the electrical engineering work on their traffic controller design in order to reduce networking costs, but didn’t know where to go from there.  How do they enclose and arrange the components in an efficient and robust way?  How do they make their idea into a reality while minimizing production costs?  They had a design, but they needed a product.


EIT 2.0 LLC took on the project with the goal of designing a manageable, ruggedized enclosure while minimizing the customer’s production costs.


Mechanical engineers at EIT 2.0 LLC tackled the problem by first calculating how much heat needed to be dissipated from the enclosure due to the internal heat generation.  Then, prototyping and simulation provided engineers with data needed to design an appropriate passive cooling system for the internals.

EIT 2.0 LLC engineers also created a power distribution network inside the enclosure, consolidating numerous cables into one harness in order to significantly decrease production time and cost.


In the end. the customer achieved full productization with a low cost global fabrication solution, proving that EIT 2.0 LLC can not only offer innovative electronics design, but thermal management and packaging solutions as well.