PCB Layout

EIT 2.0 LLC provides physical Printed Circuit Board layout services for our customers. EIT 2.0 LLC’s design team can work with your engineers to provide a PCB layout from your schematic and associated Net List or alternatively we can work with our design engineers to provide a full turnkey integrated electronic design and layout.  Our designers work in close association with our PCB fabrication suppliers and our manufacturing team and know what it takes to let your designs reach their full performance potential while insuring the highest levels of reliability, the lowest bottom-line cost and the maximum testability and manufacturability that is consistent with your specific goals and requirements.

EIT 2.0 LLC PCB Layout Experience Includes:

Analog, and High-Speed Digital Design
High Layer Count, High Density SMT design
Buried, Blind, and Microvias Design Techniques
Controlled Impedance
High Power Design Techniques
Design for Test, Manufacture, and Minimum Cost
CAD tools utilized include Altium, PADS, and PCAD