Transitioning assemblies from the initial concept and design phase to the production phase often requires the building of prototypes. EIT 2.0 LLC’s Engineering Group works closely with our customers on prototype builds to not only deliver needed units but to also look ahead to assess what is needed to move the assembly to production. Often times, EIT 2.0 LLC can identify and help resolve potential design, documentation, manufacturing, testing, assembly and packaging challenges during a prototype build. Our years of real world experience allow us to offer real world suggestions and solutions that can make your product easier to manufacture, assemble and test. EIT 2.0 LLC also looks to resolve potential supply chain component issues (allocation, lead times, end of life & obsolescence) during prototype builds.  Our suggestions often lead to potential cost savings over the life cycle of the product.

EIT 2.0 LLC can provide prototype builds of electronic assemblies, cables & wire harnesses and machined/sheet metal parts. The delivery time varies based on the complexity of the assembly.