Legacy Software

Windows versions: 7, 8,10

PowerView III is the preferred version to use.

Before downloading this software, confirm that your Power Puck II, UviCure Plus II or LEDCure is a “Profiler” enabled instrument.

The instrument needs to say “Profiler” in the top line when first turned on in order to use this software.

Instruments: PowerMAP, UV Map Plus
Windows versions: 7 or earlier
 PowerView.zip22.14 MB

This legacy version of PowerView Software works with the UV PowerMAP and UV Map Plus.

The software works on Windows 7 and is not guaranteed to work on Windows 10.

Future updates are not planned for this software

Instruments: 3D Cure System
Windows versions: 7 or earlier
 Cure3D.zip20.36 MB

This software works with EIT 2.0 LLC’s 3D Curing System

Unzip and run setup.exe as an administrator.

Instruments: Non Profiling versions of Power Puck II, UviCure Plus II
Windows versions: 7 or earlier

This program transferred the Joule/cm2 and Watt/cm2 numerical values only. It did not transfer irradiance profiles.

This program and connecting cable are no longer supplied with new Power Puck II/UviCure Plus II units.

The software is obsolete and will not be updated.

PowerPuckII.zip: Unzip and run setup.exe as an administrator.
Windows Vista / Windows 7 driver Zip file: Unzip it and then copy Powerpuck_Vista.inf into the c:\windows\inf folder.  Use this driver to install the Powerpuck 2.

Computer not recognizing PowerPuck II device? Using the latest 2.11 CD, first try the following.  When you plug in the Power Puck II,  Windows will try to find the server. Please point to C:\Program Files\EIT\Powerpuck2\ver2.0\vista folder and select the .inf file.  This should install the driver successfully.