UV LED Information

Articles and Presentations in this section are focused on the proper measurement of UV LEDs.

Technical Papers

From Specialist Printing, Issue 3, 2022

UV LED Measurement Status Update, Jim Raymont, 9/19/2016

Recent Advances in Measuring UV LED Arrays, Joe T. May, Jim Raymont, Mark L. Lawrence

Advances in Measuring UV LED Arrays, Joe May, Jim Raymont, Mark Lawrence, 5/8/2018

Measuring the Performance of UV LED Light Sources (“Sink or Swim”), Jim Raymont, 6/5/2018

A New Approach to UV LED Measurement for Printers: Total Measured Optic Response

LED L band Discussion

New UV LED Product Discussion-Share

RadTech 2016 Measurement Presentation

L-Band Optic Performance

Comparison of EIT 2.0 LLC L-Band (L-395) to UVA2 Optics

The UV-LED Paradigm Shift. This article first appeared in Issue 2  2013 of the RADTECH REPORT. All rights reserved www.radtech.org.