Instrument Service

EIT 2.0 LLC radiometers are subjected to challenging conditions (intense UV/Light/IR, temperature, coatings, mishandling), all of which can affect their reliability and performance.  EIT 2.0 LLC does not know how units will be used and cared for and because of this, we recommend a service interval of 6 months.  EIT 2.0 LLC instruments are best serviced by EIT 2.0 LLC or an EIT 2.0 LLC Authorized Service Center. Units returned to EIT 2.0 LLC for service should be sent with the Service Request Form. 

Print out the Service Request Form below, fill it in, print it, and return the form with your package. Be sure to include company information, contact phone number and email information.

Information is listed below for common questions and inquiries on EIT 2.0 LLC Instrument Service.