Instrument Care

EIT 2.0 LLC UV instruments are electro-optical instruments which are similar to a camera. Unlike a camera, they need to be able to withstand the harsh conditions associated with a UV source. Proper care of the optics along with regular service will insure proper operation of the unit and accurate readings.

EIT 2.0 LLC radiometers are used in widely varying  (medical clean room to wood flooring manufacturing facility) conditions. Cleaning of the instrument’s outer optics using the guidelines described below will help your EIT 2.0 LLC instrument perform as designed between service intervals. The guidelines are general and specific questions should be directed to EIT 2.0 LLC (

Instruments that stop functioning (accidently dropped, stuck in equipment, covered or immersed in coating) need to come back to EIT 2.0 LLC for further evaluation. Please use a Service Request Form found in the Instrument Service section.

Cleaning instrument with EIT 2.0 LLC Instrument Wipes

EIT 2.0 LLC has sourced an industrial grade wipe that can be used for cleaning the optics on our UV measurement products. The Instrument Wipe contains a fast evaporating, mild solvent for cleaning EIT 2.0 LLC optics. The wipe is non-linting, non-abrasive and does not contain any detergents or surfactants that can harm the optics. Each wipe stays sealed until used to prevent contamination of the cleaning solution. 

EIT 2.0 LLC Cleaning Techniques

EIT 2.0 LLC Instrument Wipes

Post PDF of Safety Data Sheet

See the YouTube Video of cleaning EIT 2.0 LLC instruments with EIT 2.0 LLC Instrument Wipes below.

Cleaning with IPA Alcohol

EIT 2.0 LLC instruments may also be cleaned using high-quality isopropyl alcohol (IPA) following the techniques described in the EIT 2.0 LLC General Cleaning Guidelines

See the You Tube Video of cleaning EIT 2.0 LLC instruments with IPA below