EIT 2.0 Expands Focus on Development of Technology that Benefits Society and Announces Sale of Manufacturing Division


  • EIT 2.0 now emphasizing UV Measurement, Avionics, and Applied Technology
  • EIT electronic manufacturing services (EMS) sold to Zollner Elektronik AG, a top 15 EMS provider


Leesburg, VA August 6, 2022 – EIT 2.0 announced today its plans to expands its focus on UV measurement, avionics, and applied technology. Founder and president of EIT 2.0, Joe T. May, said, “We are emphasizing the product development part of our business – to develop technology that is useful for the benefit of society. For example, we are currently working with healthcare facilities on a systematic way to ensure the disinfection of patient rooms with the goal of reducing the rate of hospital acquired infections. Our ultraviolet measurement tools play a key role in lowering infection rates, lowering healthcare costs, and keeping people healthy. But this is just one area that we are working in. Aviation electronics have become increasingly important because of the advent of increased air traffic and the use of electric powered aircraft. EIT 2.0’s talented engineers combine their knowledge to improve safety and innovate in many industries.”

EIT 2.0 originated as a part of Electronic Instrumentation and Technology (EIT) which was founded by Mr. May in 1977. In July 2022, the EIT electronic manufacturing services (EMS) division was sold to the German company Zollner Elektronik AG, a top 15 EMS provider in the world. Mr. May said, “We are pleased to see our long-time business relationship with Zollner progress. Our customers will benefit from Zollner’s strong purchasing and distribution capabilities, and Zollner recognizes that we have skilled employees; the acquisition of our EMS division is an ideal fit for all. I have great confidence that our employees and our customers will see this move as advantageous to everyone. EIT 2.0’s technical expertise will also be available to Zollner.

The name EIT 2.0 reflects the evolution of Mr. May’s vision for his company. The concentration on strategic core competencies will drive innovation and allow for greater flexibility. The change provides an operational focus to pursue specific market opportunities and better meet customer needs.

EIT 2.0 is in the process of designing a new, purpose-built building in Leesburg, Virginia.

About EIT 2.0
EIT 2.0 is internationally recognized for innovative products in ultraviolet measurement and aviation electronics, and for providing consultation services for electronic designs. Since our start in 1977, originally a division of EIT, EIT 2.0 is focused on developing technology that benefits society. To date, EIT 2.0 collectively holds over 50 patents and does business within the US and in 53 countries.